All you should know before applying to Dnipro Medical Institute via Medlink Students

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All You Need to Know Before Applying to DMI via Medlink Students

Dnipro called Dnipropetrovsk until 2016 is the fourth largest city in Ukraine with around 1 million population. Situated on both banks of the Dnieper river, it is a city of tremendous beauty. Not only that, but it’s also a powerful centre of business and politics.

Dnipro Medical Institute of Alternative and Non-alternative Medicine was founded in 1993 after separating from Dnipro State University. The former dean along with several of his most trusted colleagues set out to establish a university built on trust, quality and transparency. Their vision finally became true and since then thousands of doctors have graduated and have spread all over the world building up the reputation of the university.

The medical school has recently introduced English programs into their medical and dentistry courses. Since then, the number of international students has been growing exponentially each year.

There is a considerable number of UK students in Dnipro Medical Institute who have established a helpful community. Each year Medlink Students introduces the new applicants to them so that they never have a problem with socialisation and finding friends. We also have an office on the ground so if you have any questions we are always there for you. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when you get accepted, you become part of our family and we will always be there to support and care for you.

Dnipro Medical Institute is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The degree you’ll get from the university is recognised worldwide and would allow you to work all over Europe, including the UK, Australia, Canada, USA.

There is no entrance exam and no interview required. Applicants are considered mainly through their Biology and Chemistry high school grades as well as any other certificates that they may have.

Graduate Entry Program:

Dnipro Medical Institute is one of the few universities that offer graduate entry medicine in Europe. What’s more, it’s the ONLY medical school that provides with a 3-year graduate entry course!

A lot of UK students choose this option because after they get rejected from the British medical schools they decide to study something else related to healthcare - radiology, laboratory sciences, dental hygiene etc. However, when they graduate most of them still have the thrill of studying medicine. A lot of them then choose to go to Dnipro because of the quality of education, on-ground support and the 3-year accelerated course.

Tuition Fees:

These differ depending on the program you choose. Typically the graduate medicine program is a little bit more expensive as expected because instead of paying for whole 6 years you pay only for 3.

Otherwise, for the regular first-year entry tuition fees are €4800 the first year only and €3,500/year for the following 2 years.

Length of Regular Programs in English:

Study Medicine (MD): 6 years

Study Dentistry (DMD): 5 years

Living costs for those who study medicine in Ukraine are extremely low compared to the rest of Europe. You can look to support yourself for a whole month with just around €250-350!

Medlink Students is currently the exclusive UK representative for Dnipro Medical Institute. You should we wary of any other agents/companies giving you any false promises. Medlink Students is the only agency in Europe that can officially provide you with a place in Dnipro Medical Institute.

When you graduate from university you can go back to your home country and start working or continue your specialisation as your degree would be recognised worldwide. There are no boundaries for your future career!

If you’ve decided to study medicine or dentistry in Europe or in Dnipro specifically then wait no more, begin your journey by APPLYING today!

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