Dnipro Medical Institute - All Your Questions Answered

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Dnipro Medical Institute: All your questions answered

Dnipro Medical Institute of Alternative and Non-alternative Medicine in Ukraine has quickly become one of the most popular universities for studying medicine and dentistry in Europe.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the graduate entry medicine program that the university provides. It is the only medical school in Europe to offer a 3-year program. Currently, any graduate in medical sciences is eligible to apply. If you’re unsure about whether you qualify then contact us and we will assess your application FOR FREE.

Because of Dnipro Medical Institute’s ever-growing popularity, we get a lot of questions about the university, the city and the country itself. We have gathered 38 questions that students have asked us over the years, and here are our answers:

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Is Dnipro Medical Institute degree recognised by the GMC/GDC and worldwide?

The degrees that Dnipro Medical Institute provides are recognised by the GMC and generally worldwide. You graduate as a certified doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of dentistry (DDS). After you sit a basic test, you can start working in your home country or anywhere in Europe. To work in the UK as a medical practitioner, you are required to sit a basic exam testing your theoretical and clinical knowledge. All of our students who have attended the exam have passed on the first attempt.

Is it recognised in my country?

Degrees from Dnipro Medical Institute allow you to apply for registration in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, USA, and many countries worldwide. In all of our years of experience, we have helped students from 83 different countries in the world.

What is the quality of education?

The quality of education here meets the global standards of modern medical education. The university follows trends in higher education closely to be up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and teaching practices.

Which courses does the university offer?

Dnipro Medical Institute offers 2 types of courses - General Medicine and Dental Medicine. Both specialities have an undergraduate programme for 6-year medicine and 5-year dentistry courses, and a graduate-entry programme for 3 or 4-year medicine and 3-year dentistry course.

Why is it an institute and not a university?

Both terms are the same. In Ukraine, by law, a school which is dedicated to one area of education, say medicine or economics, is called an “institute”. In contrast, a school with various faculties is called a “university”.

What is the difference between Dnipro Medical Academy and Dnipro Medical Institute?

Both universities share some facilities and some lecturers. DMA is a public university, while DMI is a private one. Quality of education is almost the same. The only difference is that Dnipro Medical Institute employs better lecturers who are actual doctors working in hospitals in Dnipro.

What to expect from my placement during clinical training? (Years 4-6)

The clinical practice takes place from years 4 to 6. You will be in hospitals during these 3 years. You will have 6-week rotations. A rotation is a placement in a specific area of medicine. For example, you do one rotation in paediatrics for 6 weeks. Then the next will be in neurology, and so on. The clinical rotations are usually during regular working hours where you will be taught in small groups by a practising medical doctor.

Note: You can do your clinical rotations in the UK (or your home country).

Is Ukraine in the European Union?

No, it is not, but it has a good relationship with the EU. According to the European Union External Action, Ukraine is a priority partner for the European Union. Put politics aside, Ukraine just like every other country. Politics have nothing to do with studying medicine abroad.

Do I need a student visa to enter Ukraine?

All students must have a student visa on entry to Ukraine before applying for a residency permit (which is valid for the duration of your degree). The relevant visa can be applied for at your local Ukrainian embassy. Medlink Students will aid in obtaining your residency cards once you come to Ukraine.

What is the ranking of Dnipro Medical Institute?

University ranking is a metric you shouldn’t consider that much. University ranking is based on factors that have nothing to do with teaching medicine. It all comes down to Marketing and PR. Read our in-depth blog post on why university rankings are not important.

Are there any international students?

Yes, there are many international students registered in Dnipro Medical Institute from countries like UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India and many more. The city of Dnipro is the students’ hub of Ukraine, and there are thousands of international students from all over the world here.

The community of British students is big because of the most appealing graduate medicine entry program. First-year programs are also extremely popular because they are affordable and high quality.

Medlink Students make sure that every new student is introduced to the already established community so you’ll never have a problem with socialisation and finding new friends.

Will language be a problem?

No, it will not be a problem. For starters, if you have communication problems, a simple tool like Google Translate will solve them just fine. You will have weekly Russian classes which will help you learn the language gradually over time.

By your final year, you should be conversational in Russian and able to communicate and treat patients successfully. The primary language spoken in Dnipro is Russian, unlike other major cities like Kiev, where they speak Ukrainian. Both languages, however, are 80-90% similar.

How safe is the country for ethnic minorities?

The country is absolutely safe and that applies to ethnic minorities too. None of our students has ever had any problems with racism. There are large communities of British, Indian, Pakistani, African, Middle-Easterners and many other nationalities.

These student communities are always open to new students so you’ll never have a problem in socialising. Medlink Students will organise a lot of students’ activities to help you integrate within the community.

What will the accommodation be like?

Medlink Students will handle everything surrounding your accommodation. The only thing you have to do is state your preferences (rooms, roommates, budget etc.) We will present you with several options to choose from. Expect a monthly rent of €150 - €250.

How many students from the UK go to study in Ukraine?

Short answer - a lot. We send over a huge number of UK students each year to study in Dnipro alone. There is a big British community now, with many people sharing similar stories like yourself. Students are persistent, enthusiastic and passionate about studying medicine and pursuing their dreams.

How much are tuition fees and living costs?

Tuition fees in the first year around €4,700 and then they go down to just €3,500/year. The accelerated medicine program tuition fees are more expensive because they require special document processing (See next questions). As for living costs, with a budget from €400-550/month, you will have enough for living expenses, including rent. Life in Ukraine is very cheap compared to other European countries.

Why are the tuition fees for graduate entry medicine/dentistry higher in the first year?

The first year includes the equivalation of the previous subjects and the transfer of credits from the previous degree. This is an essential procedure that is required for European universities/countries, and that is why it’s more in your first year.

For you to have proper transcripts when you graduate, you can successfully apply with the GMC. If not done correctly, it’s likely that GMC will reject you.

Who is Dnipro Medical Institute accredited by?

This higher education institution is recognised worldwide as it is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Dnipro Medical Institute is accepted by the Medical Board of California, which is one of the strictest medical councils in the world.

The university is also accredited in Ukraine and the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. That’s why your acceptance letter will be a governmental letter from the ministry of education. Lastly, DMI meets the criteria of acceptance set by GMC, AMC, Europe, USA and many more.

How long are the flights?

It depends on where you are coming from. Dnipro has an international airport that is a 15-minute car ride from the university. There are direct flights from London and Manchester to Dnipro airport. However, they are currently operating in a limited way due to COVID-19.

Many flights are going to Kyiv airport as well. Kiev airport is only 1 hour away from Dnipro. There are many flights between Kiev and Dnipro every day. Dnipro is the industrial hub of Ukraine and it is very accessible for travellers. A direct flight from London to Dnipro is 3 hours long.

What are the approximate flight prices to get to Dnipro?

If you book ahead, there are always discounted prices with budget airlines which travel to Ukraine regularly. A flight can be as low as €20. Many students travel every weekend to home and back.

What is PLAB?

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test or PLAB test helps the GMC to evaluate if doctors who are qualified abroad have the right knowledge and skills to practise medicine in the UK. You can read more about the exam here.

What is UKMLA?

The UKMLA is the newest assessment exam that will replace the PLAB in the academic year 2023/2024. The UKMLA will consist of 2 parts:

  1. Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) which is a medical test composed of 200 questions;
  2. Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment which will test your capability of functioning safely as you enter clinical practice in the UK.

Is the standard of teaching good?

Yes, DMI’s teachers are also doctors working in hospitals. Also, they have been instructed to teach medicine according to world standards. The teaching method is a combination of both traditional and problem-based learning. Traditional as in lectures, and seminar for problem-based learning where you discuss a clinical case with your professor in the class and as a group to problem solve and diagnose a patient.

Is there an online portal?

Yes. The student portal has many features including resources to supplement your classes, subject-specific announcements, and various other features.

What are the different methods of assessment which count towards the final grade?

Each subject differs. There are many forms of assessments ranging from written, oral, computer test, MCQ’s, and individual or group presentations. These are the assessment methods at DMI. They are subject and teacher dependent.

What are the term dates?

The academic year starts around the 15th of September and lasts until the 22-23rd of December, just before the Christmas Holidays. The examination period is between mid-January and mid-February. The second semester starts around mid-February, right after the exams, and lasts until June. The second exam session is throughout July.

What’s the percentage of students who pass the year?

Dnipro Medical Institute boasts an astonishing pass rate of 95%. Students here are serious about studying medicine.

Please break down the process of applying for GMC registration and FY1 positions post-graduation.

Upon graduating successfully as a doctor, you will receive your certificate as soon as possible. After that, a small bureaucratic and administrative process will take place. This will include submitting an application with the GMC.

Then you will sit the PLAB exam (or UKMLA which will replace PLAB in 2024) which applies to everybody. You will be sitting alongside graduates from the UK and all other countries. Once you pass the exam, you can then submit your documents to the GMC. The GMC will then contact the university to verify that your diploma is genuine.

Once the university confirms that your diploma is 100% accurate, the GMC will use an independent organisation called ECFMG to verify documents are genuine. ECFMG does this for all European universities.

When all these processes are completed, you will be given a provisional GMC registration number. This number will help you apply for jobs on www.jobs.nhs.uk/, where all available hospital jobs in the UK are available, excluding private ones.

We will help you and support you throughout this process to keep it going as fast as possible. We will provide you with preparation materials for the exams, and we will also make sure the university speeds up the process of replying to the ECFMG to make sure everything goes smoothly as fast as possible.

What support does the university offer?

DMI provides support ranging from academic to social support to students through the Student Union. Support is provided from the pre-application process through to the post-care including general support that might be required throughout your time there.

If you need help with any day to day activities then you can contact the Student Union or physically come into the agency’s office located at Volodymyra Vernadskoho St, 13, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine, 49000. The agency office is open Mon-Fri 10:00 til 18:00.

Are there extra-curricular activities that we could join with other UK students?

Yes, there are lots of research opportunities available in the medical field with subsequent participation in research conferences, lots of extracurricular clubs and sports activities. The student union is there to assist students and support them alongside Medlink Students office. Medlink Students office also organises football competitions.

Can a student be involved in research activities at DMI?

Yes, certainly. If you have a keen interest in research, have an aptitude of current knowledge and willingness to develop a good relationship with the lecturers, they can help you get involved in certain research activities at DMI.

Is it mandatory for the students to do a research project before graduation?

It's not mandatory to do a research project before graduation. But, having one certainly helps you obtain a point when applying for training to be a doctor in the UK.

Will I be given any help when it comes to sitting the UKMLA?

The UKMLA is an exam that will apply to everyone, no matter if they are from the UK or not. We at Medlink Students have many resources to support students who will sit the exam. Every year we build on these resources to help future students.

Do you know how difficult the UKMLA is?

The UKMLA is there to verify that you are someone who genuinely passed their degree. As long as you studied and passed, then you will have no trouble demonstrating your clinical skills. The programme at the Dnipro Medical Institute will make you a competent doctor, who will be able to nail the UKMLA.

If I graduate and return to the UK, how will I compete for employment against students Top-100 world universities?

Medicine is medicine wherever you study it. We all study from the same books, and we are human beings, our biology is the same. It is a matter of how much effort the student is putting in. The GMC/GDC accepts DMI. As long as you’ve passed your UKMLA, you will be licensed by the council as a medical practitioner in the UK.

Once you are registered with the GMC, then you will be seen as a qualified doctor, and that is what matters to hospitals that employ you. There’s a disastrous shortage of doctors in the UK and worldwide at the moment, as the recent global pandemic has proved.

That’s why there are no GMC registered doctors who are unemployed. You will have the same opportunities as any other doctor in the UK.

What is the graduate employment rate after finishing university in Dnipro?

All doctors that have graduated from Dnipro Medical Institution are practising doctors who are either employed by hospitals or run their own clinics.

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