February 2021 Intake Universities in Europe. Limited Places Available.

Published on 07/12/2020 in
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We are nearing the end of 2020, the year nobody wants to remember, or everybody wishes to forget. Most prospective students might think that it's already too late to apply for medicine or dentistry this year. No, it's not too late, you still have a few options.

In fact, if you apply now, you can start studying your dream course in 2 months. The medical universities below still accept applications, and if you apply through Medlink Students you are guaranteed a seat in February 2021 intake.

Note: you can find detailed information about each university on our respective university page, which will be linked after each section. You can apply from there as well.

Medical University of Silesia, Poland

(Deadline is 1st January 2021)

The admission deadline for February 2021 intake for accelerated and regular medicine, dentistry, pharmacy in English in Silesia Medical University is 1st January 2021. It's better to apply as soon as possible because seats are limited. If you miss this deadline or there are no seats left, then you will have to try again for September 2021 intake.

The tuition fees per year per programme are:

  • Graduate and undergraduate medicine - €11,200
  • Dentistry - €12,000
  • Pharmacy - €8,600

Dnipro Medical Institute, Ukraine

(Deadline is 8th January 2021)

The admission deadline for February 2021 intake is 8th January 2021, or when all seats get taken. There are English courses in graduate entry medicine, regular 6-year medicine and dentistry available.

NEW: You can now apply for a study online programme which allows you to study medicine/dentistry year 1 to 3 from home, at your own pace.

Tuition fees for medicine and dentistry are both around €4,600 for the first year, then around €3500 per year for the remaining years. The online programme is around €5500 per year.

Contact us so we can secure a seat for you now.

All of the above universities have had graduate doctors who returned home to practice as doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. The universities are recognised by the Medical Councils across the globe, World Health Organisation, World Directory of Medical Schools.

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