Studying Medicine in Europe: What We Mean by Guaranteed Entry

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Studying Medicine in Europe: Guaranteed Entry

Be wary of agents who guarantee you entry because, almost all of the time, that's false. We have noticed that other agencies seem to be run by secretaries whose power only goes as far as handing in your application to the admissions team. They do not have any influence over the decisions taken by admissions. And if they do, then they are likely giving some incentive to the university. Unfortunately, some students are desperate enough to agree to this. Be careful because if the university has an unofficial reputation for taking 'gifts', then you will suffer from the consequences.

You'll have to pay a lot of money for passing each and every exam. You'll also struggle to find a job afterwards, due to an unofficial list of what some institutions are referred to as "diploma mills". Countries are beginning to catch on to these practices and have started de-recognising universities with such unethical reputations.

Agencies who lack integrity and pursue such unethical practices have been found, over and over again, to lie and deceive people to get their money. Once you pay, you will not get the same "nice and caring attitude" you received beforehand. They may give you a frivolous excuse on why you were not accepted, and that you should pay an additional non-refundable fee for another application, or they may put it bluntly, and explain that the money is for purposes of bribery. Most of the time, these agents fail to get you in while they set you back a couple of thousand Euros and leave you where you started.

Medlink Students is an agency run by medicine and dentistry students, for students. We do guarantee entry for our students based on ethical practices, and by working hard on creating a strong application for you. When we say guaranteed it means that we will keep applying to several universities in Europe until we find you one that accepts you if we don't then we'll refund your money. Our representatives are all students. We have been through the same process as you. We understand what is required to maximise the potential of your application and your career prospects. We only send you to universities with good and professional reputations. We care about your future and love to see our students succeed and prosper with our help! Our business model is based on word of mouth, most of our students have heard about us through customers who were very happy with our services and the universities we got them into. Medlink Students is very careful about which universities we send you to. You can trust us to guarantee you entry into reputable and professional universities that are recognised worldwide.

It works to our advantage that our student representatives are strongly linked to the universities you apply to. Having an insider who is a student, and knows the ins and outs and all the information necessary for a smooth transition, is an advantage we boast, that no other agency can. We are proud to say that we have never used any unethical practices or bribery. When a Medlink Students representative guarantees your entry then that's based on our opinion of your application, grades and our representatives' thorough knowledge of the university. If on the very rare occasion that your student representative cannot get you in, then we will apply to every university we think you have the potential to get accepted into with no extra fees!

We will fulfil our promise of guaranteed entry into a Medical school before the beginning of the academic cycle. We will ensure that you get accepted at a university that is known for its professional and ethical practices, so you can prosper and succeed during your studies based on your potential, as well as increasing your career prospects!

Medlink Students - The agency by students, for students!

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