6 Incredible Things About Studying in Bulgaria

Published on 24/03/2019 in
studying medicine in Bulgaria

You’ve decided to study medicine abroad and you’ve chosen Bulgaria to do it. You’ve surely made a good choice because the place is wonderful and the medical schools are excellent.

As a medical student in Bulgaria myself, I want to present to you the 6 things I and my colleagues absolutely LOVE about studying in Bulgaria.

#1 Everything is Super Cheap

No kidding, not only that tuition fees which are 3 times lower than back in the UK but living costs are I suppose the cheapest in the whole of Europe. With just the money I spend on rent back home, I can support myself for a whole month here!

You can live like a king in Bulgaria with just about £500 a month.

#2 Bulgarians are Kindhearted

Seriously they absolutely love foreigners. Everyone is friendly and polite and when they see that you can’t speak Bulgarian they feel as if they’re compelled to help you.

Although there are exceptions sometimes typically, Bulgarians are wonderful people that are always cheerful and smiling.

#3 Lots of International Students

The number of international students is only growing with each year. According to statistics, there were a total of 14,512 foreign students in Bulgaria for 2017/2018. There are about 5,000 people applying for higher education from all over the world annually.

There are a lot of UK students as well as Germans and there are formed communities that support each other. They throw parties, go on excursions and generally do everything together. At my school - Medical University of Varna, we even have separate sports teams for the foreign students!

#4 It’s Beautiful

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever go to. Varna, where I live, is situated on the beach on the coast of the Black Sea and it’s absolutely amazing in the summer. There are lots of tourists and from about 400,000 population in the winter the city grows to a whole 1 million in the summer! There are lots of parties and concerts going on all the time and fun never really ends. Not to mention the Bulgarian girls - one of a kind.

It’s not only Varna. Bulgaria also has a lot of beautiful mountains and national parks that are worth exploring. I’ve found people here that are now really close to me and we’ve travelled throughout Bulgaria. This winter, for example, we went skiing in Bansko where there’s a lot of tourists too.

#5 Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are not as ruthless as in the UK. If can sit down and study hard for a couple of weeks you won’t have any problems with acing your entrance exams. Each year there are more and more international student that apply and each year the spaces are increased. The government tries to offer a place to every single applicant and in general foreign students here are treated like kings.

#6 Freedom

All of our international students absolutely love this about studying in Bulgaria. There’s a lot of things you could do here that you can’t even think about back at home. My girlfriend can literally go out in the middle of the night to come to my place without any fear of what’s going to happen. Usually, all the cities are extremely safe even including the capital - Sofia.

No one really cares who you are here, everyone does their own thing and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Have you decided to study medicine in Bulgaria?

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