The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine In Romania
09/05/2023  • 
Are you considering pursuing a career in Medicine? International students often turn to Romanian universities because they offer high-quality medical programs taught in English and many of them don’t require you to take an entry exam in order to be […]
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine or Dentistry in Hungary
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Are you researching your options to study medicine in Europe? Make sure to check out Hungary - one of Europe's top-tier destinations for medical education. There are a number of compelling reasons why the country stands out as one of […]
The 10 Best Reasons to Study in Georgia and How to Start
02/05/2023  • 
. For starters, Georgian universities offer thorough academic programmes that are on par with some of the best institutions in the world. The best part is that both the tuition fees and living costs in the country are among the most affordable in Europe.
What are the Options After Completing a Dentistry Degree in Europe?
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5+ Career Paths Available After Acquiring a Dental Degree in Europe Did you know that getting a dentistry degree in Europe could lead to a variety of viable career paths beyond just becoming a general dentist? Nowadays, attaining a dental […]
Which European Country is Best for Studying Dentistry?
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Criteria to Help You Choose Where to Study Dentistry in Europe The demand for dental care is higher than ever before. If you want to learn what are the best destinations to kickstart your successful career in dentistry, then this […]
How to Prepare for Medical School Entrance Exams in Serbia
12/04/2023  • 
Guide to Preparing for Medical School Entrance Exams in Serbia Medical Universities in Serbia attract more and more international students each year, and with good reason. The country is known not only for its rich history and beautiful nature but […]
What is a Dental Degree and Why Should you Pursue it?
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Why Getting a Dental Degree Provides a Promising Career Choice Everybody knows what a dentist does, but do you know what it takes to become one? In this article, we'll tell you what getting a dental degree gives you and […]
5 Tips for Deciding How Many Medical Schools to Apply to
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Pursuing a career in medicine is a significant decision that could shape your entire life, as medical school in Europe can be demanding, time-consuming, and costly. Therefore, it is essential to be thoroughly prepared when making a decision. One of […]
Most Common Reasons Medical School Applicants Get Rejected
03/04/2023  •  ,
Believe it or not, the vast majority of Medical School applicants get rejected. According to the Medical School Council, more than 65% of students fail to get accepted into a Medical University in the UK alone. In France, the acceptance […]
How to Prepare for Medical School Entrance Exams in Bulgaria
23/02/2023  • 
So, it’s your final year in high school, and you’ve decided you want to study medicine in Bulgaria. You’re excited and hopeful but also… equally nervous. Who can blame you? Not only do you have graduation on your mind, but […]