Vital GCSE Requirements for Medicine
04/02/2022  • 
The admission process into medicine is very competitive in the UK, and often GCSE grades give that extra edge for admission. In contrast, the entry requirements in Europe can be much more liberal, and a GCSE may be all that […]
What A-Levels Do You Need to Be a Doctor?
21/01/2022  • 
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Becoming a doctor is such a journey, and selecting the right A-Levels is perhaps the first step a student should take. While there is some room for flexibility, future […]
How to Choose a Medical School: Definitive Guide (17 Criteria)
20/05/2021  • 
Choosing a medical school is one of the most significant steps in your life. Studying medicine or dentistry is a big commitment, and you can’t just entrust it to any higher education institution. Therefore, you must think twice before deciding […]
How To Shadow A Doctor
10/05/2021  • 
If you aren’t sure about which field to specialise in, shadowing a doctor and gaining first-hand experience with patients will help you a lot. This is probably the best way to make the right choice. You will be able to […]
90 Common Medical School Interview Questions
13/04/2021  • 
Getting through a medical school interview is often one of the vital entry requirements for Medicine in Europe.  To pass an interview, you should be prepared and calm. However, many medical applicants don’t know what the questions will be about, […]
How To Write a Killer Application Resume for a Medical School
08/02/2021  • 
Universities love resumes. Application medical resumes give them a clear understanding of you as a student applicant. This is why it’s so crucial for you to make a sound, correct CV. The purpose of having an application resume is to […]
How to Get Motivated to Study (17 Little-Known Tips)
08/02/2021  • 
Do you just not feel like studying? You end up procrastinating, trying to learn everything in the last moment, cramming everything, failing, and getting even more discouraged? Seriously. Can you even get the motivation to study?If you can relate to […]
21 Thrilling Reasons to Study Medicine in Europe in 2021!
08/02/2021  • 
Have you ever considered living in Europe and becoming a top expert in the medical field at the same time?Europe will provide you with modern education recognised in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and worldwide.Europe has a profoundly long […]
How to Efficiently Study – 19 Tips You Can Implement Today
08/02/2021  • 
Mundane ways of studying are no longer working. It is not enough to just memorise the material. You have to study efficiently and smartly. This article will give you 19 tips on how to become a better student and create […]
How to Organise an Elective in the UK as an Overseas Trained Student
03/05/2019  • 
Medical electives are short-term placements that every student is recommended to undergo. They consist of shadowing doctors or even assisting in real healthcare situations as well as learning practical skills like administering injections and medical sewing. This period usually occurs […]