How to Become a Doctor in the UK: GMC Registration for EU Medical Graduates
25/08/2023  •  ,
Graduating from a medical school in the European Union (EU) is an impressive achievement, which opens doors to a rich array of opportunities. One of the most popular choices among graduates is becoming a doctor in the United Kingdom (UK). […]
What is the PLAB test?
25/03/2021  • 
PLAB is a test that safely assesses international students’ ability and knowledge to practice medicine in the UK. The test is divided into two parts. PLAB 1 being the online exam, and PLAB 2 being a clinical exam. After you […]
What is The KROK Test?
22/03/2021  • 
KROK means “Integrated License exam under European Credit Transfer System”. It’s a two-part licensing examination that evaluates medical students in Ukraine. After passing KROK part 2, students become qualified medical practitioners in Ukraine. The test is a necessary examination for […]
What Is The USMLE
19/02/2021  • 
USMLE is an abbreviation of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is a three-step exam that every doctor-to-be needs to take before getting a medical license in the US. The exam assesses your ability to apply your fundamental medical […]
What is the UKMLA?
17/09/2020  • 
Recently we've had a lot of questions from students about the upcoming UK Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA), which will replace the PLAB in early 2024. If you’re also confused about it, don’t worry - understandably, you’d want reliable information about […]
What you must know about the GMC, WFME and ECFMG
23/04/2020  • 
Studying medicine in Europe is a considerable feat and cannot be taken lightly. We understand that you'll be spending your time, money and energy pursuing your dream for the next few years. That's why potential students should be smart in […]
All You Need to Know Before Attending your Dentistry Interview in the UK
12/03/2019  • 
Dentistry in the UK is provided to patients in a primary care setting. Applicants should understand the meaning of “primary care.” This is when patients have direct access to a dentist in the community, where they can contact the dental […]