Why Transferring from Biomedical to Medicine is so Difficult in the UK
09/07/2024  • 
Studying biomedical sciences is one of the many viable and popular pathways to getting into healthcare. It provides a strong foundation in health and disease that can lead to a successful career in research, laboratory work, pharmaceuticals and even medicine […]
How the WFME Impacts the Acceptance of Medical Degrees in the USA
17/06/2024  • 
From 2024 onwards, all international students who want to become a doctor in the USA must graduate from a medical school that is accredited by a WFME-recognised accreditation agency. Although this statement may seem confusing at first, we’re here to […]
Become a Doctor in the UK: GMC Registration Steps for Non-EU Medical Graduates
31/05/2024  • 
The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has a great need for capable overseas-trained medical graduates who want to become doctors in the United Kingdom. Simply put, the higher education infrastructure in the UK is not capable of training enough medical […]
UK vs Europe: Comparing Medical School Requirements and Education
23/05/2024  • 
Doctors throughout the world agree that choosing the right medical school is one of the most important steps to becoming a successful practitioner. So we decided to create this blog to serve as your guide toward choosing the best possible […]
Q&A: Transferring From the US to Medical Schools in Europe
17/05/2024  • 
There has been a consistently increasing trend of US medical students choosing to study medicine abroad in Europe, and for good reason. Not only can you get high-quality medical education at a fraction of the cost, but you also get […]
Why Increasingly More Western Students Choose to Study Medicine Abroad
10/05/2024  • 
Getting admitted to a medical school in the UK, USA, Germany, and other Western countries has become extremely difficult simply because there are too many qualified applicants and not enough seats. This isn’t only detrimental to students but also to […]
Comparing The Costs of Studying Medicine: UK, USA, Europe, and the Caribbean
30/04/2024  • 
For many students and parents alike, the cost of medical education is one of the main contributing factors when picking out a university. Of course, it’s equally important to weigh the quality of education and the accreditation and international recognition […]
NHS Medical Doctor Degree Apprenticeship - All Facts in 1 Place
19/04/2024  • 
Find the latest info about the details, reasoning, requirements, vacancies and application process behind the Medical Degree Apprenticeship in one place.   It is no secret that the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has been struggling with an increased […]
Understanding Medical School Transfers: A Guide for Realistic Expectations 
08/04/2024  • 
For some, transferring between medical schools is a choice, while for others, it’s simply a necessity. Whether you're looking for a new academic environment or need to relocate due to justified reasons, understanding the medicine transfer process is essential. This […]
Why RGU is on the GMC Maybe List Even Though All Candidates Have Been Accepted
02/04/2024  • 
Richmond Gabriel University (RGU) is a renowned medical school in the Caribbean known for its high-quality MD programme that enables students to become successful doctors around the world.  RGU stands out for its consistent record in the UK as every […]