What students say about studying medicine at the University of Nis, Serbia?
02/08/2022  • 
So, you’ve decided to study medicine abroad. There are probably a lot of European destinations that have come to your mind. Well, have you considered studying medicine at the University of Nis? Serbia isn’t place that comes to mind for […]
Are your parents not so keen about where you plan to study medicine abroad?
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It’s finally happening! You’ve made your choice: you’re going to study medicine abroad! Maybe you’ve even picked exactly which university you want to go to to make your medical dreams come true. There’s just one little problem: your parents don’t […]
Should UK Students Take a Gap Year Before Medicine?
04/05/2022  • 
Many UK students consider taking a gap year after high school for various reasons. While there are undeniable advantages and disadvantages of taking a break, the verdict is not so clear for aspiring doctors as it is in the general […]
Is Eastern Europe Safe for International Students?
14/04/2022  • 
Many students choose Eastern-European countries as educational destinations due to the high-quality universities and affordable prices. Some of these countries like Poland and Czechia rank among the safest states in Europe. For such rankings, important factors taken into account include […]
How To Fund Your Medical Studies Abroad
10/03/2022  • 
Your dream is to be a medical student, and you have an eye on some medical universities abroad, but you are not sure how to make it a reality. Where do you start? Once you have set your mind on […]
12 Tips On How To Deal With Homesickness While Studying Abroad
08/03/2022  • 
Studying medicine abroad is both an exciting and challenging adventure. Leaving your family and home country takes bravery and genuine dedication to your future career as a doctor. And like pretty much everything in life, it has pros and cons. […]
36 FREE Essential Apps For Students Studying Abroad
11/03/2021  • 
36 free essential apps for students studying abroad If you want to study abroad in Europe, you will need tools to navigate in different countries.  Even if you study in English, people outside of your university will probably primarily speak […]
6 Essential Apps for Students Who Move Abroad
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Moving abroad comes with its difficulties. You must be aware of the technology available for students to ensure you have a smoother transition. There are apps and online tools available to make your transition abroad easier. Here are our top […]
4 Important Factors to Consider Before Moving to a European University
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So you’ve decided to study in Europe, you’ve submitted an application or have already been accepted. I know what you’re going through. The fear of going to study abroad, the uneasiness from the unknown, all that stuff. I want to […]