Why RGU is on the GMC Maybe List Even Though All Candidates Have Been Accepted
02/04/2024  • 
Richmond Gabriel University (RGU) is a renowned medical school in the Caribbean known for its high-quality MD programme that enables students to become successful doctors around the world.  RGU stands out for its consistent record in the UK as every […]
How In-Person Medical Education Unlocks Your Full Potential
15/03/2024  • 
Imagine performing a surgical procedure or diagnosing a patient's illness for the first time. Can a virtual classroom equip you with the skills and confidence needed for these real-life challenges? In this blog, we’ll give you all the evidence-based reasons […]
Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Graduate Entry Medicine in The Caribbean
20/06/2023  • 
Have you ever imagined getting a world-class medical education while living in a tropical paradise? Although it sounds like fiction, it’s completely possible - welcome to the world of graduate entry medicine in the Caribbean. While the crystal-clear waters and […]
Medical Students Without Borders: Innovative Path to Global Healthcare
When you ask medical students why they decided to study medicine, the majority would often say: “Because I want to help people.”  With exactly that goal in mind, Medical Students Without Borders (MSWB) was created. MSWB is an innovative programme […]
What Makes Serbia Perfect for Medicine or Dentistry: Top 10 Reasons
14/06/2023  • 
Get ready to learn what makes Serbia your gateway to success! Not only is Serbia quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for healthcare education, but it is also establishing itself as a medical powerhouse in Europe. One of […]
Why Poland is One of the Best Places to Study Medicine or Dentistry
05/06/2023  • 
When it comes to medical or dental education in English, Poland has emerged as one of the strongest contenders in Europe, and for good reason. Not only is the country home to many renowned medical universities, but it also provides […]
Which European Country is Best for Studying Dentistry?
14/04/2023  •  ,
Table of Contents1 Criteria to Help You Choose Where to Study Dentistry in Europe2 Academic Reputation3 Affordability of Dental Schools in Europe4 Student Satisfaction5 Admission Requirements for Dental Universities in Europe5.1 Latvia:5.2 Cyprus:5.3 Romania:6 Employability for Dentistry7 Internationalisation of Dental […]
What is a Dental Degree and Why Should you Pursue it?
10/04/2023  •  ,
Table of Contents1 Why Getting a Dental Degree Provides a Promising Career Choice2 What is a dental degree?3 Why study dentistry?4 Types of Dental Degrees5 What's it like to study dentistry?6 Is becoming a dentist a good career choice today?7 […]
10 Myths Debunked: Studying Medicine In Europe
14/11/2022  • 
Europe offers fantastic opportunities for receiving high-quality medical education and life-changing experiences. That is why the number of students deciding to study abroad increases yearly. However, there are some myths circling regarding European medical education.  This piece will bust the […]
How to Apply To Study Medicine in Europe If You Are From The USA?
02/09/2022  • 
Today, the demand for doctors in the US is at an all-time high. Especially with certain recent events showing just how vital their role in society really is. Overall, being a doctor isn’t a bad career choice. You’d be paid […]