What students say about studying medicine at the University of Nis, Serbia?
02/08/2022  • 
So, you’ve decided to study medicine abroad. A lot of European destinations have probably come to your mind. Well, have you considered studying medicine at the University of Nis? Serbia isn’t a place that comes to mind for most medical […]
Should Agencies be Trusted?
01/08/2022  • 
Recruitment agencies for international medical students have become very popular in recent years. Generally, they offer their services in arranging a student’s education abroad, including paperwork, transport and being a mediator with the university. However, with this increase in popularity […]
Why Study Medicine in Bulgaria?
29/07/2022  • 
If you’ve researched the best places to study medicine in Europe, chances are Bulgaria has popped up on your radar. And, to be honest, we wouldn’t blame you if you were scratching your head when you first read that. Bulgaria, […]
Are your parents not so keen about where you plan to study medicine abroad?
28/07/2022  • 
It’s finally happening! You’ve made your choice: you’re going to study medicine abroad! Maybe you’ve even picked exactly which university you want to go to to make your medical dreams come true. There’s just one little problem: your parents don’t […]
Can a Georgian MD programme be studied on a UK campus?
20/06/2022  • 
Students have asked us whether a Georgian MD programme can be studied on a UK campus. ⚠️ BEWARE: According to the accrediting body of universities in Georgia: Source: Order №65 / N of the Minister of Education and Science of […]
Great News! European University Is the Proud Owner of a Teaching Hospital
05/05/2022  • 
The Medlink Students team is happy to announce some good news about our partner European University. The medical school is the new owner of Jo Ann Medical Centre. The centre has been envisioned and served as Georgia's primary cardiology and […]
Should UK Students Take a Gap Year Before Medicine?
04/05/2022  • 
You did it - high school is finally behind you, your grades are fantastic, you passed all your exams, and you’re finally free! But wait… You’re about to start another 6 years of education in just a few months; after […]
Is Eastern Europe Safe for International Students?
14/04/2022  • 
Many students choose Eastern-European countries as educational destinations due to the high-quality universities and affordable prices. Some of these countries, like Poland and Czechia, rank among the safest states in Europe. For such rankings, essential factors considered include personal safety, […]
Entry Requirements for Medicine in Europe
05/04/2022  • 
Admission into UK medical programmes is quite competitive due to the high number of applicants and relatively few seats available. In contrast, entry requirements for Medicine in Europe can be far more liberal. Universities usually evaluate applicants' academic performance and […]
How to Study Abroad from the UK
24/03/2022  • 
Thousands of UK students choose to study abroad each year. However, they are only 1 % of the total number of students in the country. While studying abroad might seem like a pursuit for the adventurous, numbers would be much […]