Our Study Medicine & Dentistry Abroad Webinar: The Ultimate Starting Point
24/11/2023  • 
Are you a prospective medical or dental student interested in studying abroad? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you need to go through before you can make a decision? Well, look no further. We understand how difficult […]
How to Get Into Graduate Entry Medicine with 2.2 Degree
13/11/2023  • 
Pursuing a career in medicine is a dream for many, but is it possible with a second-class honours, lower-division degree? The short answer is: yes, there are plenty of options available to students who want to get into graduate entry […]
ECFMG 2024 Update: Impact on Medical Students and US Residency Programmes
27/10/2023  •  ,
The world of medical education is constantly evolving in order to ensure that students get the most out of their academic journey. New policies and updates have been added over the years to enhance the quality of higher education and […]
How to Become a Doctor in the UK: GMC Registration for EU Medical Graduates
25/08/2023  •  ,
Graduating from a medical school in the European Union (EU) is an impressive achievement, which opens doors to a rich array of opportunities. One of the most popular choices among graduates is becoming a doctor in the United Kingdom (UK). […]
High Schoolers' Guide to Medical School: European vs Caribbean Medicine Pathway
07/08/2023  •  ,
So, you're eyeing a career in Medicine - great! But where to study: Europe or the Caribbean? Each destination has its appeal and challenges. Europe boasts centuries of medical tradition, while the Caribbean offers a unique, laid-back learning environment. In […]
Graduate Entry Medicine: Europe vs The Caribbean
07/08/2023  •  ,
Congratulations on getting your Bachelor’s Degree! As an undergraduate, you face the exciting journey of enrolling in a graduate entry medicine course and soon becoming a successful healthcare professional. There are a couple of hot destinations you should consider before […]
4-Year Grad Entry Medicine Course: MD Studies in The Caribbean
31/07/2023  •  ,
Navigating the world of medical education can often feel like going through an intricate maze. With various admission requirements and alternative pathways available, it's crucial to know your options well before you apply to a Medical University. Since its inception […]
Weighing Up Caribbean Medical Universities: Benefits and Potential Pitfalls
28/07/2023  • 
As the global demand for healthcare professionals soars, an exotic destination is gaining notable popularity amongst aspiring MD applicants – the Caribbean. Sun, Sea, & Studying Medicine - This phrase captures the unique Caribbean Med School experience, which harmoniously combines […]
Studying Pre-Med in The Caribbean: Everything You Need to Know
28/07/2023  • 
Each year, countless students lay the groundwork for a fulfilling medical career by embarking on the esteemed USA Pre-Med Programme. Recently, the Caribbean has become a popular alternative that works hand in hand with the USA Pre-Med system. Below is […]
Best Caribbean Medical Schools: The 2024 Medlink Students Review
26/07/2023  • 
In recent years, Caribbean medical schools have emerged as a strong contender for high-quality medical education, offering a gateway to fulfilling medical careers. The mantra 'Sun, Sea & Study Medicine' captures the unique charm of these institutions. Whether you aspire […]