10 reasons to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe

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10 reasons to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe

You are guaranteed a place with Medlink Students. Instead of waiting another year to re-apply in the UK, we will work hard to get you accepted at one of the top universities according to your grades.

  1. The course is taught entirely in English, with a foreign language class once a week to help you integrate into the culture.
  2. You will be studying at one of the top universities in the EU. Even if your grades are low, we can still get you into another world-class university as we do have direct links with many Medical Faculties in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech, Hungary, and many more.
  3. You'll be practising in one of the largest medical campuses and largest teaching hospitals in the EU.
  4. You'll have an exciting additional option, as opposed to the limited four university options that UCAS permits.
  5. Annual Tuition fees start from €3000 per year.
  6. Living expenses are very low, you can live very comfortably on under €300 per month.
  7. This will be a great back-up option and your safety net as you are guaranteed to get accepted with Medlink Students.
  8. Europe is alive, safe and beautiful, a true cultural enriching experience.
  9. Medlink Students will support you from the beginning till the end of your studies, even helping you find a job, using our contacts in the UK after you graduate!
  10. Get in touch for a free no-obligation assessment and advice!
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