4 Reasons Why Studying Medicine in Europe is Your Best Choice

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Reasons Why Studying Medicine in Europe is Your Best Choice

So you have decided to pursue a medical degree – fantastic! However, you know how hard and near impossible it is to get accepted into a medical school in the UK. Perhaps you have already been rejected once or more times and are starting to lose hope. Or it could be that you already have a medical degree from the UK and want to study graduate medicine. Well, we are here to help you with all of those matters. We will guide you through hard, and under our patronage, we will secure you a place in one of the best medical universities in Europe.

Let’s get to the topic… the 4 main reasons you should study Medicine in Europe:

Reason #1: Top Quality Education

The countries and universities we work with have a long-renowned reputation in teaching Medicine and Dentistry. Most of them are more than a hundred years old. The education they provide compares to that of the UK in every aspect. The medical degree you receive at the end of your 5 or 6-year program is recognised worldwide, and you can begin working as a doctor in Europe right away, or you might as well return to the UK. Despite the ruthless entry requirements, the UK suffers from what’s known as the recruitment crisis, so it never lacks medical specialists; nevertheless, those with a high-quality degree from Europe. Specialisation on the island or basically anywhere is also an option.

Reason #2: Low Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Those are nothing like in the UK. The tuition fees in the universities we work with range from €3,500 to €12,500. Compared to the crushing numbers back in Britain, these are nothing. Of course, as you probably know, the price is never a quality measure. These prices simply represent the government’s policy. Living costs are also low, ranging between €450-650 a month. What’s more, Medlink Students can find a suitable apartment for rent at very reasonable prices with a maximum of €300.

Reason #3: Guaranteed Entry

By guaranteed entry, we mean that we will be working on creating an application that is as strong as possible and provide you with preparation material to ensure your high competitiveness among the other applicants. We are all medical students and know best what it takes to build a killer application.

Reason #4: Pursue your dream

So you’ve faced the British medical universities system, you may have lost hope, but don’t despair. We are here for you to ensure you accomplish your dreams and secure your future. We make sure no one gets to give up on their dreams, your success is our goal.

Don’t waste any more time. Apply NOW with us and take the first step in building your new life.

Article written by Dr Sam El Mais
Dr Sam El Mais, MD, MSc, BSc, graduated from a renowned medical school in Romania in 2019. He uses his professional knowledge and personal experience to guide students on crucial aspects such as university selection, admissions processes, and cultural adjustments.
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