10 Myths Debunked: Studying Medicine In Europe
14/11/2022  • 
Europe offers fantastic opportunities for receiving high-quality medical education and life-changing experiences. That is why the number of students deciding to study abroad increases yearly. However, there are some myths circling regarding European medical education.  This piece will bust the […]
Medicine vs. Dentistry: How to choose?
03/11/2022  • 
Studying medicine and dentistry in Europe is becoming increasingly popular. If you are still debating whether to choose medicine or dentistry as your speciality, here are some things you will need to consider beforehand. Dentistry vs. Medicine in Europe  When […]
4 Tips On Developing Stronger Studying Habits
05/10/2022  • 
You’re onto a new path - conquering the world of medicine. That is a huge accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself. However, medical studies abroad require massive dedication, and it is important that you develop strong studying habits.  […]
4 Best European Medical Universities That Have February Intakes
20/09/2022  • 
It’s no secret that one of the toughest courses in the world to get into is medicine. Now, more than ever, there’s fierce competition for entry at medical schools. If you find yourself without a place in a medical course […]
How to apply to study Medicine in Europe if you are from the USA?
02/09/2022  • 
Today, the demand for doctors in the US is at an all-time high. Especially with certain recent events showing just how vital their role in society really is. Overall, being a doctor isn’t a bad career choice. You’d be paid […]
Applying to Medicine after A-Level Results
19/08/2022  • 
That fateful day is finally here - your A-level results have just been posted! Perhaps you’re reaching for the champagne right now, celebrating your immense triumph over those pesky science subjects! Or maybe it’s the exact opposite, and the results […]
What students say about studying medicine at the Medical University of Silesia?
16/08/2022  • 
When you’re preparing to study medicine abroad, the first thing to do would be to research the best medical universities in Europe. Among your research, you’ve likely come across the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.  While Poland may […]
What students say about studying medicine at the University of Nis, Serbia?
02/08/2022  • 
So, you’ve decided to study medicine abroad. There are probably a lot of European destinations that have come to your mind. Well, have you considered studying medicine at the University of Nis? Serbia isn’t place that comes to mind for […]
Should Agencies be Trusted?
01/08/2022  • 
Recruitment agencies for international medical students have started to become very popular in the last few years. Generally, they offer their services in arranging a student’s education abroad, including paperwork, transport and being a mediator with the university. However, with […]
Why Study Medicine in Bulgaria?
29/07/2022  • 
If you’ve done any research on the best places to study medicine in Europe, chances are Bulgaria has popped up on your radar. And, to be honest, we wouldn’t blame you if you were scratching your head when you first […]