Can a Georgian MD programme be studied on a UK campus?

Published on 20/06/2022 in
Can a Georgian MD programme be studied on a UK campus

Students have asked us whether a Georgian MD programme can be studied on a UK campus alongside rotations in a UK Hospital.

⚠️ BEWARE: According to the accrediting body of universities in Georgia:

  • It is PROHIBITED to teach and learn on a campus outside the municipality where the initial accreditation was given, e.g. outside Tbilisi, let alone outside the country of Georgia.
  • It is illegal to carry out studying or rotations in a country outside Georgia.

Source: Order №65 / N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia

Further Clarification

We approached Georgia’s National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE), linked above, for any exceptions to these rules.

They stressed that they do NOT carry out regulatory or accreditation procedures for any “Georgian medical programme” that is taught outside of Georgia and referred us to the law which applies to ALL Georgian universities:

Order №65 / N: Paragraph 5 of article 30, still applicable since May 2011: It is inadmissible … to change the place / places - municipality / municipalities of implementation of the education programme during accreditation / conditional accreditation period of regulated education programmes.”

Hence, according to the regulations, students must study in person in Georgia to have their studies recognised and be allowed to graduate.

In addition, there is a letter sent by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, addressing New Vision University's efforts to teach students by opening branches in other countries. NCEQE points out that the university has not applied to the Center about carrying out its educational programme outside of Georgia. Also, NCEQE informs that this practice is considered illegal according to article 3 of the Law of Georgia.

Copy of the original letter by NCEQE:

National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, addressing New Vision University

Students can email NCEQE for direct verification:

We’d like to offer a free priority consultation to all students who would like any further clarification on this.

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