Great News! European University Is the Proud Owner of a Teaching Hospital

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Jo Ann University Hospital

The Medlink Students team is happy to announce some good news about our partner, European University. The medical school is the new owner of Jo Ann Medical Centre. The centre has been envisioned and served as Georgia's primary cardiology and cardiac surgery provider for 25 years.

The founders of Jo Ann Medical Centre

Jo Ann McGowan was the founder and driving force behind two Californian NPOs - Global Healing and Heart to Heart International Children’s Medical Alliance. Her work gained global coverage in 1988 when she facilitated the surgery of the Soviet Union girl Masha in a Californian clinic.

The 7-year-old child had a congenital heart defect, and pediatric cardiac surgery was lacking in the USSR. Jo Ann contacted a medical team in California, and Masha received a life-saving surgery in the US. The event received detailed positive coverage all over the world.

Soon, Jo Ann received thousands of letters from Soviet parents who pleaded for similar interventions for their children. McGowan could not take them all to the US, so she did the next best thing - she brought a team of specialists to Leningrad to train local doctors.

In Leningrad, Jo Ann met Irakli Metreveli, a talented cardiac surgeon from Georgia. Together, they brought pediatric cardiac surgery to Tbilisi by founding a medical centre specialising in treating newborns and children with heart defects. In 1996, Jo Ann passed away, and the centre was named after her to honour her memory.

The Future of Jo Ann University Hospital

European University in Georgia will continue to honour the traditions of the medical centre. This is evident in their decision to keep the management of the hospital. In addition, they will establish a board of directors to set goals and strategies. The hospital's Chairman will be the Vice-Rector (Vice-Chancellor) of European University Tamar Zarginava.

Furthermore, additional branches and functions will be established at the hospital. Naturally, students from European University will have the opportunity to receive training from expert specialists in various fields. Additional inpatient and outpatient services will also be included in the hospital’s portfolio.

This is undoubtedly a momentous event in the history of European University and Jo Ann University Hospital that will prove most beneficial to medical students.

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Article written by Dr Sam El Mais
Dr Sam El Mais, MD, MSc, BSc, graduated from a renowned medical school in Romania in 2019. He uses his professional knowledge and personal experience to guide students on crucial aspects such as university selection, admissions processes, and cultural adjustments.
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