How To Study Medicine With BTEC

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How to Study Medicine in Europe With BTECs

What is BTEC?

The BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Extended Diploma is a Further Education qualification taken in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. BTECs are adaptable.  You may take them at schools and colleges alongside (or instead of) GCSEs and A levels. They're also typically pursued full-time in college or a combined programme between a school and a college.

There are three levels of BTEC qualifications:

  • BTEC Firsts
  • BTEC Nationals
  • BTEC Apprenticeships

Can you study medicine with BTEC?

Yes, you can. Many students have come to us recently asking if they can get accepted into medical schools in Europe with BTECs. While having covered A-levels is generally better, some of our top medical universities in Europe accept students who have a BTEC Diploma.

Indeed, the UK medical and dental schools don’t recognise BTECs. However, here in Europe, the universities seek, rely on, and appreciate students’ enthusiasm and motivation to pursue medicine.

We’ve helped hundreds of ambitious students like yourself with BTECs fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors and dentists.

Also, you aren’t required to do a foundation year like in some universities in the UK so that you can enrol in a first entry 6-year program right away.

Universities that accept BTEC to study medicine

Getting into medicine with BTEC is a realistic option for you.

We live in a society where people are hired and admitted to colleges mainly based on what they have on a piece of paper rather than who they are as people.

Our agency has grown to think outside the box and embrace students for their passion and dedication to become who they’ve always wanted to be.

Most medical universities in Europe have evolved to think like this too.

European medical universities that accept students with BTEC degree:

If you would like to get a no-obligation consultation with a student advisor about applying to universities that accept BTEC, file this form:

There’s a lot of opportunities for you, and with our help, we can get you to study in medical schools with a world-renowned reputation in countries like Poland.

We consider every type of BTEC Diploma, but it is sometimes better if you have something that covers Biology and Chemistry or science in general. Maths and Physics are also considered.

You should contact us for more information about your options, and we will do everything we can to secure you a place in one of the best medical universities in Europe.

What we do for you

  • We will create a powerful application file for you by adding additional documents. Through our strong ties with the medical schools, we guarantee you 100% entry. 
  • Our team treats every student personally to know his strengths and emphasise them when presenting him to the admission committee. By doing this, we can compensate if you have a BTEC Diploma instead of A-levels and ensure your competitiveness among other candidates.
  • We ensure that the university sees you as a brilliant prospect and considers your motivation and ambition to study medicine instead of just assessing you through your high school papers.
  • When you apply with us, you become part of our big family. We will be there to support you through your whole study course and even after you graduate.

Here at Medlink Students, we believe that everyone should have a chance to change his life for the best and pursue his dream.

Decide to study medicine or dentistry in Europe today, and we will review your options and get back to you as soon as possible.

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