What Makes Serbia Perfect for Medicine or Dentistry: Top 10 Reasons

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What Makes Serbia Perfect for Medicine or Dentistry - Top 10 Reasons

Get ready to learn what makes Serbia your gateway to success!

Not only is Serbia quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for healthcare education, but it is also establishing itself as a medical powerhouse in Europe. One of the main reasons is that the country provides exceptional higher education in English at an extremely affordable price. 

Here, you will find the top 10 reasons that make Serbia the perfect destination to study medicine or dentistry in Europe. Additionally, we will give you the top 3 universities to apply to, as well as a guaranteed way to significantly increase your chances of getting accepted!

Тop 10 Reasons to Study Medicine or Dentistry In Serbia

1. Accredited Medical Universities in Serbia with International Recognition

The 3 best Serbian medical universities that offer medicine and dentistry in English are:

The University of Nis

The University of Novi Sad

The University of Belgrade

These medical schools are all accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, which means that you are guaranteed to get an exceptional education with high-quality assurance.

Serbian med schools are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), a list of universities by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, some medical courses (like those offered by the University of Nis) are approved by the General Medical Council in the UK (GMC), meaning you will be eligible for licensure to practise medicine or dentistry in the United Kingdom. (Drop us a line for more information about the status of accreditation and recognition of each university.)

Additionally, Serbia is a candidate state for European Union membership, and as such, all the medical universities follow the strict criteria set by European teaching standards. Thanks to the high standards of higher education institutions in the country, medical and dental diplomas from Serbia are recognised internationally. So once you graduate, you will be able to become a successful healthcare practitioner in many countries around the world!

2. Affordable Tuition Fees for International Students

One of the best parts about studying in Serbia is that you get a premium education at an affordable price! The tuition fees in the country are among the most affordable in Europe. For dentistry, the prices range between €5000 and €6500 per year, while studying medicine in Serbia costs between €6000 and €7000 annually. 

If you’re worried about breaking the bank while studying, then Serbia might be your ideal destination to get your internationally recognised diploma.

3. Tons of Real-Life Practical Experience

Serbian medical universities place a strong emphasis on developing each student's practical skills in order to prepare them for their respective career thoroughly. You will be able to participate in clinical rotations and internships in hospitals under the watchful eyes of professionals to ensure that you train in a safe and controlled environment. 

You will not only be able to gain confidence in your skills from early on in your career, but you will also get valuable experience that will be irreplaceable when you become a full-fledged healthcare practitioner.

4. Modern Medical Facilities and Equipment

Apart from being able to practise your skills in a variety of clinical settings, you will also have access to modern simulation equipment and facilities, where you can learn and practise before working with patients. You will be able to learn the ins and outs of your profession in a high-quality setting in your pre-clinical years, after which you will be well-prepared to become a successful doctor or dentist.

5. International Networking and Career Opportunities for International Students

The medical schools in Serbia have a strong network of international partners and regularly host events with establishments from all over the world. These events will allow you to establish connections with peers and professionals in many areas of your field, meaning you will be able to secure future collaborations and career prospects early on in your career.

Additionally, thanks to the international recognition of diplomas from Serbia, graduating from a university in the country opens up a wide range of career opportunities both within the country and internationally!

6. Research Opportunities

research opportunities in Serbia's medical schools

Serbian medical schools have a long history and tradition of medical advancements in many fields. The University of Belgrade alone has over 12 dedicated research institutes under its name!

Students studying in Serbia are given the opportunity to personally contribute to the advancement of their respective fields by participating in one of the many research programmes carried out by the medical universities in the country.

7. Experienced Faculty Members in Serbian Medical Schools

The teaching staff in Serbia are all renowned experts in their fields who have gone through rigorous academic and professional training to get to where they are now. Their high level of knowledge and expertise ensures that the new generation of healthcare professionals get a thorough and challenging education, which will greatly prepare them for their respective careers.

8. Affordable Living Costs in Serbia

In addition to the affordable tuition fees, studying in Serbia also lets students enjoy a high quality of life while paying a moderate amount of money for living costs. On average, you can expect to spend around €500 per month (rent excluded) while studying in the country.

Rent prices can vary between €100 and €250 depending if you decide to live in a student dormitory, hostel, apartment, or studio. Here’s a price breakdown of the amount you can expect to spend monthly while living in Serbia:


9. Availability of Entrance Exam Preparation Materials

The exam typically consists of questions in Biology and Chemistry. You will also be invited to an interview, where your ability to communicate in English and your motivation to become a doctor or dentist will be assessed. These can be challenging, but don’t worry! Our expert advisors are well-informed and up-to-date about Serbian exam and interview formats and can help you ace them with ease.

Additionally, the medical universities in Serbia offer preparatory courses to help you ace your entrance exams. The Biology and Chemistry courses usually cost about €500. Still, if you sign up to apply via Medlink Students, you will get the preparation courses for the University of Nis and the University of Novi Sad for free!

If you would like to learn how to prepare for your entrance exam effectively, we have written a thorough and informative blog on the topic: How to Prepare for Medical School Entrance Exams in Serbia.

10. A Safe and Diverse Country with a Welcoming Environment

Serbia is known as a safe and secure country with a rich diversity of local populations and beliefs. Students can expect to study in a peaceful environment, surrounded by friendly locals who will welcome them with open arms.

Additionally, the country accepts all religions and beliefs and is home to many churches, mosques, and synagogues. You will also be able to find many venues that offer a variety of vegetarian, halal, and kosher cuisine, ensuring that everyone has a place to enjoy some delicious food.

The 3 Best Medical Universities in Serbia for International Students

For any aspiring doctor or dentist, getting a world-class education that is recognised internationally is absolutely vital. Getting a dental or medical degree from a Serbian medical school guarantees that you have achieved a thorough theoretical understanding of your field and that you have also gained enough practical experience to become a successful doctor or dentist. 

We briefly mentioned the 3 best medical universities in Serbia already, but here are a few more details:

UniversityAnnual tuition feesCourses in English
University of Nis€6000Medicine
University of Novi Sad€6500 for eitherMedicine or Dentistry
University of Belgrade€7000 for Medicine€5000 for DentistryMedicine or Dentistry

The University of Nis

This prestigious medical university was established in 1965 in Serbia’s third-largest city - Niš (Nish). It offers a well-balanced curriculum that attracts students from all over the world each year. Currently, over 20,000 Serbian and international students are enrolled at this university.

The medical school has the highest recognition status of H+, meaning that it is compliant with international, European, and GMC standards. This means that your degree will be accepted in the UK, the European Union, and many other countries across the globe. This makes the University of Nis an ideal destination to study dentistry or medicine in Europe, especially if you have a specific country in mind where you want to work.

The University of Novi Sad

This higher education institution is one of the most prominent and respected medical schools in the country. It was established in 1960, and apart from the exceptional quality of education at the Faculty of Medicine, the university also has strong ties to several government and industry institutions. 

Additionally, this medical school has a dedicated research centre where students can participate in cutting-edge research. Overall, the University of Novi Sad is an excellent choice for students who want to secure their career prospects while still studying.

The University of Belgrade

Founded in 1808 in the country’s capital, Belgrade, this university is one of the oldest and largest in the Balkans. It has a long history of producing outstanding doctors, including several Nobel laureates. The university consists of 31 faculties and 12 research institutions and has close to 100,000 students in attendance - truly a powerhouse in education!

Although it is a massive and old university, it is well-kept and constantly invests in modernisation and expansion. It is ranked among the best higher education institutions in the country, and for good reason. This university is perfect for students who are looking for a well-rounded medicine course or dentistry programme that will provide a myriad of opportunities.

If you want a deep dive into the details and secrets of studying at each of these fantastic institutions and what it's like living in Serbia, we recommend getting in touch with one of our expert advisors. Medlink Students specialises in guiding students toward finding the perfect university and helping them get accepted on their first try. With us, you can rest assured that you will go to a medical school that will help you become a successful and sought-after doctor or dentist.


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Student Life in Serbia

Student life in Serbia is vibrant and diverse, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences. As a student in Serbia, you will not only have access to high-quality education but also be immersed in a rich culture of traditions, history, and exciting activities.

  • Beautiful nature

    Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the breathtaking landscapes that Serbia has to offer. From the stunning mountains of Tara and Zlatibor to the picturesque valleys of the Danube and Morava rivers, there are endless places to visit and explore. National parks like Djerdap and Fruska Gora are home to diverse ecosystems, rare wildlife, and scenic hiking trails that will leave you in awe.
  • Vibrant and lively cities

    For students who prefer urban entertainment, Serbia's vibrant cities are cultural hubs with thriving arts scenes, historical landmarks, and architectural marvels. Belgrade, Nis, and Novi Sad offer dynamic nightlife, trendy cafes, and a diverse culinary scene with plenty of vegetarian, kosher and halal options.

You can stroll through the charming streets of Skadarlija in Belgrade, visit the iconic Nis Fortress, or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the numerous festivals and events in Novi Sad.

  • A rich choice of student clubs and organisations

    Serbian universities also foster a strong sense of community and provide ample opportunities for socialising and making lifelong friendships. Student organisations and clubs cater to a wide range of interests, allowing you to engage in extracurricular activities, develop new skills, and actively contribute to various causes.

    From sports clubs and cultural associations to volunteering initiatives, you'll find a supportive network that encourages personal growth and enriches your university experience.
  • Travel opportunities

Thanks to Serbia’s strategic place on the map of Europe, students will have the chance to easily travel to some of the most interesting countries on the continent. Beautiful countries like Croatia, Hungary, and Bulgaria are direct neighbours of Serbia and can be visited by bus, train, car, or plane.

If you want to get a taste of Western Europe, Italy, Austria, and Germany are also in close proximity and can be travelled to by either land or air in just a few hours. Needless to say, students in Serbia have many ways to make use of their vacations.

Is Serbia a Good Destination for International Students?

Serbia is an ideal destination for international students thanks to the world-class medical education in English, the affordability of studying in the country, and the overall great learning environment.

Upon graduating, you will receive an internationally recognised diploma, which will let you become a successful doctor or dentist in many countries around the world. You will also be given plenty of chances along the way to establish yourself in your respective field, either through research or networking opportunities.

If you’re worried about language barriers, you’ll be relieved to learn that English is a mandatory second language in Serbia that students learn in school. You will have no trouble at all navigating your everyday life in the country, and you’ll be at ease knowing that if you ever need directions or help, you can simply ask.

Combine this with all of the advantages we’ve already listed, and it is safe to say that studying in Serbia is an excellent choice. After all, hundreds of thousands of students have already made the decision and have gone on to become successful contributors to their respective fields.

How to Significantly Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted to a Medical University in Serbia

There is a problem, though. Thanks to the popularity of medical programmes and dental courses in Serbia, the competition for each spot is fierce. Each university accepts only a limited number of students, and it gets tougher and tougher each year to get in.

Thankfully, there is one thing that can substantially improve your chance of getting accepted - getting advice and assistance from admission experts. Our expert advisors possess in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of admission requirements, which includes:

  • The current entrance exam formats of each university.
  • What to expect in the interview.
  • What qualities and qualifications does each institution seek in prospective students.
  • The required documentation, including the translation, legalisation, notarisation, and submission processes involved.

We will personally take charge of the entire application process and maximise your prospects of getting accepted. This will allow you to concentrate on your studies so you can ace your entrance exam and interview, for which we will also provide all the necessary materials you need to succeed. 

But that’s not all; we also provide comprehensive support services at every stage. From facilitating your relocation to helping you get used to the university, country, and culture - we are dedicated to guiding you throughout your journey.

Don’t miss this chance to take advantage of our years of expertise, our extensive knowledge, and our commitment to helping YOU succeed. Contact us using the form below, and we can help you become a successful healthcare practitioner.

Article written by Dr Sam El Mais
Dr Sam El Mais, MD, MSc, BSc, graduated from a renowned medical school in Romania in 2019. He uses his professional knowledge and personal experience to guide students on crucial aspects such as university selection, admissions processes, and cultural adjustments.
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