How to Get Motivated to Study (17 Little-Known Tips)
08/02/2021  • 
Do you just not feel like studying? You end up procrastinating, trying to learn everything in the last moment, cramming everything, failing, and getting even more discouraged? Seriously. Can you even get the motivation to study?If you can relate to […]
21 Thrilling Reasons to Study Medicine in Europe in 2021!
08/02/2021  • 
Have you ever considered living in Europe and becoming a top expert in the medical field at the same time?Europe will provide you with modern education recognised in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and worldwide.Europe has a profoundly long […]
How to Efficiently Study – 19 Tips You Can Implement Today
08/02/2021  • 
Mundane ways of studying are no longer working. It is not enough to just memorise the material. You have to study efficiently and smartly. This article will give you 19 tips on how to become a better student and create […]
How to Organise an Elective in the UK as an Overseas Trained Student
03/05/2019  • 
Medical electives are short-term placements that every student is recommended to undergo. They consist of shadowing doctors or even assisting in real healthcare situations as well as learning practical skills like administering injections and medical sewing. This period usually occurs […]
How To Transfer From Biomedical Science To Medicine
18/04/2019  •  ,
Most students need to pick their careers very early - sometimes too early. And while many are quite confident in their first choice, there are some who are having second doubts, even years into their education. Maybe you just don’t […]
Study Medicine In Europe After 30
15/04/2019  • 
Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions and enquiries about whether it’s possible to study medicine in Europe after the age of 40 or even 30. The quick answer to this question is YES without any doubt! However, in […]
How To Study Medicine With BTEC
14/04/2019  • 
What is BTEC? Young people today are often required to make huge decisions about their entire life way before they’ve ever had the chance to really live it. By grade 9, you’re already expected to know not only what the […]
How to Study Medicine After Nursing?
01/04/2019  •  ,
Nurses truly are the unsung heroes of the medical profession and the essential parts without which the entire medical system would fall apart within hours. Despite the ancient importance of nursing, it is often a stressful and ungrateful job, sometimes […]
Did You Know That You Can Study Medicine in Europe For FREE?
29/03/2019  • 
Studying medicine in Europe can be challenging in all facets. Travel, accommodation, living, and more can be frustrating. Especially if there is a language barrier involved where you are not able to communicate and negotiate the right things needed for […]
The 4 Best Universities for Studying Medicine in Eastern Europe
09/03/2019  • 
Medical universities in Europe are well-known for their exceptional higher education standards. So, if you wonder which one to choose, this article is just for you! Here is a list of the 4 best universities to study medicine in Eastern […]