Why Are UK Students Flocking to Study Medicine in Europe?
05/03/2019  • 
More and more students nowadays choose to do their Medical or Dental degree in Europe. We all know how keen on immigrating the British are but it’s the devastating requirements that force them to take matters into their own hands. […]
4 Reasons Why Studying Medicine in Europe is Your Best Choice
02/03/2019  • 
So you have decided to pursue a medical degree – fantastic! However, you are aware of how hard and near impossible it is to get accepted into a medical school in the UK. Perhaps you have already got rejected once […]
Medical School Transfers: Complete Guide
06/01/2019  • 
When you begin your medical studies, it is generally expected that you will attend your chosen university for the duration of the entire course. However, situations may emerge that a student's transfer to a different medical school. But don’t despair! […]
Anatomy: Kenhub for medical students abroad
23/02/2018  • 
Anatomy. I know exactly what you're thinking, what a nightmare this subject is! I totally agree. Learning anatomy is like learning a new language, and sometimes even harder than that! When I started studying Anatomy in my first year of […]
10 reasons to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe
07/01/2018  • 
Studying abroad, whether as a first choice or a backup plan, is a long-term commitment and should not be taken lightly. People choose to study medicine or dentistry in Europe for various reasons.  For some, the reasons behind the decision […]