How To Transfer From Biomedical Science To Medicine

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transfer from biomedical science to medicine

You are a biomedical science student or graduate, but your dream is to be a doctor. Therefore, there is a possibility for biomedical science to medicine transfer. Both before and after you get your biomedicine science degree.

Many students aren’t aware of their possibilities and simply learn to put up with a degree they find uninteresting and unprosperous. Because of this, we’ve felt obliged to present you with the different opportunities. In advance, our goal is to help you change your life for the better and pursue your dream career.

This article will answer all your questions about transferring from biomedicine to medicine or dentistry in Europe.

What is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical science or biomedicine is a broad area of knowledge covering any scientific study of biology and chemistry concerning health care. The two terms mean the same. It depends on how each university wants to present its programme to students.

An undergraduate course in biomedicine includes a wide range of disciplines, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who aren't sure where they want to focus their studies.

The curriculum for a biomedical degree includes subjects such as:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Pharmacology
  • Bioengineering

What is the situation?

Sooner or later, some biomedical science students realise that this may not be the correct path because they still dream of becoming medical doctors and dentists. These enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious people just like yourself then decide to look for choices elsewhere.

Here at Medlink Students, we perceive the qualities of these students and seek to provide them with their best options to study medicine in Europe.

Some applicants decide to complete their biomedical degrees and then become eligible to study graduate medicine in Europe. This accelerated course allows you to complete medicine in 4 years and kick-start your career right away after you graduate.

Others who don’t see merit in finishing their degree directly opt to transfer to medicine in Europe. Medlink Students offer a particular programme for these ambitious students to study medicine at a top medical university in Europe. We have provided you with detailed information for both valid options in the following lines.

Can I transfer to medicine from biomedical science?

Yes, you can. We strive to raise awareness about this incredible opportunity. Because many international students who don’t know about this option decide first to complete their degree and then look to enrol for graduate medicine in Europe. However, the other way around would save them a lot of time and effort.

Nowadays, the number of students in biomedical science that look for a transfer is continuously growing. This is mainly because a lot of these people haven’t begun their degrees because of general interest in them, but because they’ve chosen it as a backup plan.

You probably know how hard it is to get accepted into medical schools in some countries, like the UK, the USA, and Canada. Many students then decide to step up with a plan B and enrol for a biomedical degree.

But it is even harder to transfer from biomedicine to medicine, especially in universities in the UK. Few medical schools allow internal transfer early in your degree. Nevertheless, it is highly competitive, and often there are only up to 10 or at most 20 places for transfer students. In advance, the students must follow strict academic criteria specified by each university.

However, many medical schools in Europe allow transfer from biomedical science to medicine, and it is less competitive than UK medical universities. The students who choose to pursue their dream medical education can get exempted from the subjects they’ve already sat an exam for.

What’s more, you can directly apply for the same year you are currently in! For example, you’ve just finished your 2nd year of a biomedical degree, so you can enrol to start in year 3 of medical school. This way, you will not extend the duration of your medical education.

You don’t lose anything. The effort you’ve put into your previous degree is accounted for. You are simply changing from one degree to the other.

File in this form if you want a free consultation about your options to transfer from biomedical science to medicine:

Can I go to medical school with a biomedical science degree?

Yes, you can change your career path from biomedical science to medicine.

You can apply for graduate entry medicine or dentistry programme. It allows healthcare professionals and biomedical science graduates like yourself to obtain an MD degree in a shorter time. The duration of traditional medical education is 6 years, but you can get your master’s degree in 3 or 4 years as a graduate entry student.

To study medicine after biomedical science in Europe, you have to present a transcript of your previous higher education studies. Your subjects, study hours, and credits will be evaluated. Therefore they will be used to exempt you from the subjects you studied before.

As a result, the university will enable you to cut your programme short by decreasing the number of subjects you need to complete your degree.

Universities that allow transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine / in Europe

We work closely with some of the best medical universities in Europe, and here is a shortlist of the schools where you can apply for biomedical science to medicine transfer or start your journey from biomed to medicine:

All universities that we work with are recognised by the WHO and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

In advance, we have the largest database of English-taught medical schools in Europe. We have hand-picked the 100+ best medical universities in Europe so you can research and learn more about specialities, courses, different tuition fees, living costs, and much more.

How we can help you with biomedical science to medicine transfer

We’ve helped numerous students in the exact same situation to fulfil their childhood dreams and become certified and well-respected medical doctors or dentists. Are you ready to become one of them?

Decide to transfer to study medicine in Europe today and become who you’ve always wanted to be - a qualified doctor. No one should be left to give up on his dreams!

Regardless of whether you are in your second or final year of biomedicine, book a FREE consultation with our experienced advisors and get to know your options.

We will evaluate your documents FREE of charge. In exchange, you will receive personalised advice based on your preferences for countries, universities, tuition fees, accreditation, and living costs.

Medlink Students embraces all of its applicants like a family, and we provide you with all the support you need to accomplish your goals, as have hundreds of our students!

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  1. I want to know if I could be offered an admission to study Medicine and Surgery at undergraduate level, considering that I already have a bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory Science (B.MLS), MSc in Biomedical Sciences and PhD in Medical Microbiology.

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  2. I want to know if i could be offered admission to study medicine and surgery. i have a master`s degree in biomedical science.
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