Warning: GMC Raises Concerns About New Vision University in Georgia

Published on 30/03/2021 in
new vision university not recognised by the GMC

Recently, the General Medical Council (GMC) raised a potential concern about whether some of New Vision University's (NVU) courses meet their criteria of acceptance. NVU has unfortunately been added to the GMC list of overseas medical qualifications they MAY accept.

General Medical Council's concerns with New Vision University

The GMC states:

"…There are a number of reasons why we may add a medical institution to this list. For example, where we have information that the medical school offers courses that lead to qualifications that do not meet the criteria alongside some courses that do."

The GMC assess qualifications on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the qualifications meet their criteria of acceptance. When the first cohort of graduates at a university requests registration with the GMC, the GMC assesses the qualification. It is then decided whether the university's qualifications meet their criteria of acceptance.

NVU began instruction as recently as 2013 only. The first-ever 4 NVU graduates requested to register with the GMC recently. Hence, the GMC has now assessed NVU's qualifications for the very first time. The GMC expressed concerns about some of NVU's courses meeting their criteria of acceptance.

We reached out to the GMC to clarify why NVU was added to the list. A representative told us:

New Vision University is currently on the list of 'medical qualifications that we may accept' because:

1. We have received confirmation that the minimum hours of study that they would accept, leading to the award of the qualification, does not satisfy our requirements.

2. We have been made aware that a number of the rotations do not meet our requirements. 

New Vision University Students' qualifications

In the future, NVU Students' qualifications are likely to be inspected much more rigorously due to GMC's concerns. If the GMC does not accept the primary medical qualification due to their concerns with hours or rotations, then GMC will prevent the graduate doctor from using their degree to practice medicine in the UK.

More info from GMC representatives here.


An official response from the GMC on July 7th 2022, stated that there are currently 0 (zero) graduates from New Vision University who hold a GMC registration. You can read our full correspondence here. This means that it’s incredibly difficult (perhaps impossible) for graduates of NVU to obtain a licence to practise in the UK.

Making informed decisions

Choosing an overseas university can be challenging. Precautious students may prefer selecting a medical school where the GMC has not raised concerns about its graduates' qualifications.

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Note: This article's information is repurposed, from the GMC's website and direct communication with the GMC, for educational and informational purposes. The GMC regulates doctors in the UK. Hence, students are strongly advised to email the GMC directly and verify the reason any specific university is listed in the GMC's list of qualifications that may be accepted. Some other universities found on the GMC's list are Lugansk State Medical University in Rubizhne, and Kigezi International School of Medicine in Uganda. Students can find the current criteria for accepting non-UK and non-EEA primary medical qualifications on the GMC website.

Learn about the GMC's may accept list and more:

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2 comments on “Warning: GMC Raises Concerns About New Vision University in Georgia”

  1. Kindly update your information it is inaccurate New Vision university is now listed by GMC

    1. Hi Tracy! While technically NVU is listed on the GMC's website, still it is listed under their "We May Accept" list. This poses a great risk for prospective and current students in NVU, as their degrees might not be recognised by the GMC. This information should be publically available for everyone to read, as their future may depend on it.

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