6 Essential Apps for Students Who Move Abroad

Published on 29/11/2019 in
6 essential apps for students who move abroad

Moving abroad comes with its difficulties. You must be aware of the technology available for students to ensure you have a smoother transition. There are apps and online tools available to make your transition abroad easier. Here are our top apps for students who go abroad to study medicine.


long gone are the days where you have to sit in medical lectures, scribbling notes down like a maniac while trying to keep up. Evernote is great for note-taking on your laptop, phone and tablet – and it’s all stored in the same location offline. An even bigger bonus is the ability to transcribe notes as a group between you and your colleagues at the same time, in the same class.


Booking overpriced hotels is so old-school now. When you first move to a new country you need to book temporary accommodation while you’re looking for long term accommodation. In comes Airbnb! This tool offers you a more affordable apartment-style private property where you liaise with a landlord to organise your stay. We like it mainly because the customer service is excellent, it is safe and there’s a lot of variety. Use this link to get £34 off your first booking.


It’s difficult to use local taxis in a foreign country because of the language barrier. Uber is an app that you can download on your phone, it locates the nearest taxi to you and orders it in the language of your choice. This way you do not have to talk to the driver, you get in the taxi and you’ll get dropped off at the destination you entered into the map. We like Uber because it’s safe, affordable and available 24/7. Register for an account now and get £3 off your next trip.

Transferwise Debit Card

Normal banks charge a large commission for international payments and withdrawals that are made abroad. Transferwise offers a debit card that allows students to spend money abroad for zero commission and excellent exchange rates. Students are entitled to one free Transferwise card. Sign up now and start reaping the benefits. Transferwise Money Transfer is a lifesaver for parents and students who tend to send money abroad. As you know banks have terrible exchange rates, you can get ahead of the game by transferring money to any bank account abroad via Transferwise. This tool allows you to send and receive money and tuition fees, with a fast turn around and at a very good exchange rate. Sign up here for a fee-free transfer of up to 1500 GBP.

HCMIS StudentSecure Travel Insurance:

This is an affordable insurance company that meets the standard visa requirements for health insurance. If you have a medical emergency, this insurance can be used for your treatment. Request a free quote now to see your options.


This is a money transfer tool used regularly by students who study abroad for easier, cheaper and faster transfers. The money can be deposited into a bank account or collected by cash with no debit card fees. Sign up now to receive £10 off your first money transfer.

Do you have any particular app that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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