How to Study Graduate Medicine in Europe TODAY!
17/03/2019  • 
Have you always wanted to study medicine or dentistry? Do you happen to be from the UK? I ask these questions because many British applicants get rejected from UK medical schools, and desperate, they sign up for other health-related courses […]
All You Need to Know Before Attending your Dentistry Interview in the UK
12/03/2019  • 
Dentistry in the UK is provided to patients in a primary care setting. Applicants should understand the meaning of “primary care.” This is when patients have direct access to a dentist in the community, where they can contact the dental […]
The 4 Best Universities for Studying Medicine in Eastern Europe
09/03/2019  • 
Medical universities in Europe are well-known for their exceptional higher education standards. So, if you wonder which one to choose, this article is just for you! Here is a list of the 4 best universities to study medicine in Eastern […]
Why Are UK Students Flocking to Study Medicine in Europe?
05/03/2019  • 
More and more students nowadays choose to do their Medical or Dental degree in Europe. We all know how keen on immigrating the British are, but the devastating requirements force them to take matters into their own hands. Nevertheless, European […]
4 Reasons Why Studying Medicine in Europe is Your Best Choice
02/03/2019  • 
So you have decided to pursue a medical degree – fantastic! However, you know how hard and near impossible it is to get accepted into a medical school in the UK. Perhaps you have already been rejected once or more […] Featured MedlinkStudents!
22/02/2019  • 
Pulsetoday is the leading magazine and website concerning the UK’s GP’s. It is well respected among the medical community and it has been so ever since its creation back in 1960. As a firsthand representative of a huge community of […]
Study Dentistry in Romania, in English
04/02/2019  • 
How Long is a Dentistry Degree and Course Structure? Graduating from Dentistry in Romania takes six years. You will be awarded a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) diploma at the end of your course. The course structure depends on the […]
Study An Accelerated Medical Degree in Europe in English
26/01/2019  • 
One of the noblest professions in the world is also one of the most difficult. Being a doctor is not just a prestigious career. It is a commitment to help others and save lives. When human life is on the […]
Medical School Transfers: Complete Guide
06/01/2019  • 
When you begin your medical studies, you are generally expected to attend your chosen university for the entire course. However, situations may emerge in a student's transfer to a different medical school. But don’t despair! As writer Roy T. Bennet […]
Congratulations to our students!
25/11/2018  • 
Watch out for the two UK celebrities who decided to pursue their dream of studying medicine in Europe! Our first celebrity on the scene is Nikhita Rathod who is currently having the time of her life in Bulgaria. Nikhita was […]