How to Organise an Elective in the UK as an Overseas Trained Student
03/05/2019  • 
Medical electives are short-term placements that every student is recommended to undergo. They consist of shadowing doctors, assisting in real healthcare situations, and learning practical skills like administering injections and medical sewing. This period usually occurs during the final 3 […]
Studying Medicine in Craiova - An Interview With One of Our Students
30/04/2019  • 
Watch a video interview of another one of our successful students - Tina, who studies at the University of Craiova in Romania. You can also read the whole conversation below. [Medlink Rep] So hello, Tina. How are you? [Tina] I'm […]
Studying Medicine In Bucharest - Podcast Review
29/04/2019  • 
This is a podcast from one of our many successful students - Hania! You can listen to the audio version here or read the transcript below. [Osman]: Hi Hania. Thanks for joining us today, this is Osman from Medlink Students. […]
How To Transfer From Biomedical Science To Medicine
18/04/2019  • 
Most students need to pick their careers very early - sometimes too early. And while many are quite confident in their first choice, some have second doubts, even years into their education. Maybe you just don’t have much passion for […]
Study Medicine In Europe After 30
15/04/2019  • 
Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions and enquiries about whether it’s possible to study medicine in Europe after the age 40 or even 30. The quick answer to this question is YES, without any doubt! However, in this […]
How To Study Medicine With BTEC
14/04/2019  • 
What is BTEC? Young people today are often required to make huge decisions about their entire life before they’ve ever had the chance to live them. By grade 9, you’re already expected to know not only what the next 3-4 […]
How to Study Medicine After Nursing?
01/04/2019  • 
Nurses truly are the unsung heroes of the medical profession and the essential parts without which the entire medical system would fall apart within hours. Despite the ancient importance of nursing, it is often a stressful and ungrateful job, sometimes […]
Did You Know That You Can Study Medicine in Europe For FREE?
29/03/2019  • 
Studying medicine in Europe can be challenging in all facets. Travel, accommodation, living, and more can be frustrating. Especially if a language barrier is involved where you cannot communicate and negotiate the right things needed for your study abroad. An […]
The 4 Best Dental Schools in Europe
26/03/2019  • 
You probably already know that European dental schools carry a high education standard. Their degrees are acknowledged and respected worldwide, and the doctors who graduate from them are well-prepared. If you’ve already chosen to study dentistry in Europe, you’ve made […]
4 Important Factors to Consider Before Moving to a European University
20/03/2019  • 
Studying medicine or dentistry abroad is a fantastic way to get a quality education, explore different career options, live independently in a European country, etc. However, the decision to study medicine in Europe requires a great deal of thought. So, […]
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