British Council Certified Agency
07/11/2018  • 
Medlink Students has been certified by the British Council. The British Council is the official British organisation to promote international relations in the UK, including training agents in providing quality educational consultation. Medlink Students is certified to provide consultation and […]
Anatomy: Kenhub for medical students abroad
23/02/2018  • 
Anatomy. I know exactly what you're thinking, what a nightmare this subject is! I totally agree. Learning anatomy is like learning a new language, and sometimes even harder than that! When I started studying Anatomy in my first year of […]
Young Dentist Magazine Featured us!
23/02/2018  • 
We were asked to write an article for one of the most circulated magazines for Young Dentists with over 20,000 subscribers, regarding the influx of students flocking to Europe to study Medicine and Dental Medicine. Grab a copy of the […]
Why is Medlink Students agency suitable for you?
03/02/2018  • 
OUR STORY. Founded by students who were in your shoes, we travelled from Britain to Europe in pursuit of our dream of becoming doctors or dentists. We understand your situation from our unique perspective as students and have experienced first-hand […]
10 reasons to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe
07/01/2018  • 
Studying abroad, whether as a first choice or a backup plan, is a long-term commitment and should not be taken lightly. People choose to study medicine or dentistry in Europe for various reasons.  For some, the reasons behind the decision […]
Studying Medicine in Europe: What We Mean by Guaranteed Entry
07/01/2018  • 
Applying to medical school could be a stressful and overwhelming experience. If you’ve decided to study medicine in Europe, you will have to be familiar with the application process, submission deadline, all of the entry requirements, and more. Still, even […]
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