What Is The USMLE
19/02/2021  • 
USMLE is an abbreviation of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is a three-step exam that every doctor-to-be needs to take before getting a medical license in the US. The exam assesses your ability to apply your fundamental medical […]
How To Write a Killer Application Resume for a Medical School
08/02/2021  • 
Universities love resumes. Application medical resumes give them a clear understanding of you as a student applicant. This is why it’s so crucial for you to make a sound, correct CV. The purpose of having an application resume is to […]
How to Get Motivated to Study (17 Little-Known Tips)
08/02/2021  • 
Do you just not feel like studying? You end up procrastinating, trying to learn everything in the last moment, cramming everything, failing, and getting even more discouraged? Seriously. Can you even get the motivation to study?If you can relate to […]
23 Thrilling Reasons to Study Medicine in Europe in 2024
08/02/2021  • 
Have you ever considered living in Europe and becoming a top expert in the medical field at the same time?Europe will provide you with modern education recognised in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and worldwide.Europe has a profoundly long […]
How to Efficiently Study – 19 Tips You Can Implement Today
08/02/2021  • 
Mundane ways of studying are no longer working. It is not enough to just memorise the material. You have to learn efficiently and smartly. This article will give you 19 tips on becoming a better student and creating an excellent […]
Georgia Now Requires a Minimum of 6 Years of Studies for MD Programme
10/12/2020  • 
On 7 December 2020, the Georgian Ministry of Education issued a new law which specifies the number of credits medical students would be allowed to take per year to graduate. The new requirement is to have 60 ECTS credits per […]
Don't Miss Out on Medical Electives in the USA, UK, or Online
22/10/2020  • 
Due to the high number of enquiries, Medlink Students have been looking for ways to connect you to prestigious hospitals abroad where you can do your medical electives. We are happy to announce that we have found several affordable options […]
What is the UKMLA?
17/09/2020  • 
Recently we've had a lot of questions from students about the upcoming UK Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA), which will replace the PLAB in early 2024. If you’re also confused about it, don’t worry - understandably, you’d want reliable information about […]
Dr. Zamir: Road From Studying Medicine in Romania to Becoming a Doctor in the UK
03/08/2020  • 
 This is Dr Zahir Zamir, one of the brightest examples of students graduating from medicine abroad and later returning to the UK to practice medicine. Dr Zamir walks us through his journey and how Medlink Students can help you […]
What you must know about the GMC, WFME and ECFMG
23/04/2020  • 
Studying medicine in Europe is a considerable feat and cannot be taken lightly. We understand that you'll be spending your time, money and energy pursuing your dream for the next few years. That's why potential students should be smart in […]