How to Study Graduate Medicine in Europe TODAY!

Published on 17/03/2019 in
How to Study Graduate Medicine in Europe TODAY!

Have you always wanted to study medicine or dentistry? Do you happen to be from the UK? I ask these questions because a lot of British applicants get rejected from UK medical schools and desperate they sign up for other health-related courses - physiotherapy, radiography, microbiology etc. A lot of these students fail to find a job when they graduate simply because there are too many people in these professions.

According to statistics, less than 5% of applicants get accepted into UK medical schools annually. This leaves a lot of people out in the open and most of them decide to follow another degree closely related to medicine. When they finally graduate most people still have the thrive to become doctors and they don't give up on their dreams. However, going through the whole process of applying for several years until finally getting accepted into a medical school is no longer an option. This is because most of these people already have families and children and they don't have the required freedom.

They struggle with a job they don't like, underpaid and stressed. I stand here to present these people with a great opportunity - the opportunity to study medicine in a graduate entry in a 4 or even 3-year program! Some of you might get astonished and put me off saying this must be some sort of a fraud or a lie. No, the agency I stand for has helped hundreds of people with a degree in health and science to study medicine or dentistry in Europe. We gave them the pinch of faith they needed to start pursuing their dreams once again. A lot of them have now graduated as licensed doctors and dentists and have returned to their countries to practice their professions as well-respected specialists.

We are Medlink students In fact, we are not only an agency, but we are also doctors and students ourselves. A lot of us have been in the same place: failed to get accepted into a medical school in the UK, graduated with a biomedical degree and then kept on pursuing dreams by studying medicine in Europe. We've done it, we've been through this road and so have hundreds of other people who we've helped over the years.

The universities we work with will present you with the opportunity to study graduate medicine in a 4-year program. The European University in Tbilisi is a popular choice for fast track medicine.

I, myself study medicine in Varna, Bulgaria and I love it! Tuition fees are 3 times lower than in the UK and living costs are the cheapest in the whole of Europe! The country is wonderful and the city itself is situated on the beach and has a fantastic atmosphere. I can help you find a university that best suits you. Don't stop pursuing your passion and dreams, we have one life, let's live it well!

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