Study An Accelerated Medical Degree in Europe in English

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Study 4-year Advanced MD in Europe in English

One of the noblest professions in the world is also one of the most difficult. To be a doctor is not just a prestigious career. It is a commitment to help others and save lives. When human life is on the line, the importance of education comes in the first place.

Therefore medical programmes usually last 6 years. After medical school comes postgraduate and speciality training.

So a 6 years medical programme is making an already difficult course much more challenging. There are, however, certain exceptions, such as advanced medicine programmes.

Fast track medical degree in Europe is an accelerated medical course designed for people who already have a relevant degree and work experience (e.g. biomedical/life science graduates and health care professionals).

What is an accelerated medical degree in Europe?

The terms "Fast track degree in medicine", "Graduate entry medicine", "Graduate medical programme", "Advanced medicine programme", "Accelerated medical programmes" all refer to the same: a programme leading that allows you to enter into the 2nd or 3rd year of a conventional 6-year course and get a medical degree. At the end of the day, it's the same medical course that just goes under different names in different European countries.

As we already said, this course is for degree-holders or students who want to transfer from biomedical sciences to study medicine or dentistry. But how does the programme actually works?

To apply for an accelerated medical degree in Europe, you have to present a transcript of your previous higher education studies. Subjects, study hours, and credit hours will all be assessed. This means that you will be able to shorten your studies by reducing the number of topics required to earn your degree. Based on that, you will be able to get your medical degree in 4 or 5 years.

Can I do an advanced MD in Europe?

Yes, you can. As long as you set your mind and decide that you want to become a doctor, there will always be a way.

Medicine is a fascinating and fulfilling job that allows you to make a significant difference in people's lives. It's a well-paying, well-respected job with bright possibilities.

Graduate entry courses in medical field are open for both domestic and international students. Many European medical schools offer accelerated graduate entry in medicine. Graduate applicants can benefit from affordable tuition fees, living costs, and flexible entry requirements.

You can enter medical school in Europe without an entrance exam and an interview (e.g. medical schools in Georgia).

Other medical schools require you to take a simple entry exam, an interview, or an English test (e.g. most medical schools in Poland).

All universities that we work with are recognised by the General Medical Council and Medical Councils in the US, Canada, and worldwide.

Which European medical schools offer accelerated medical course?

We have created a complete list with 100+ best medical universities that teach medicine in English in Europe, but the best where you can apply for this programme are:

1. European University in Tbilisi, (Georgia)

The tuition fees are €4000 per year.

Being a student at the European University in Tbilisi is an unforgettable experience. You get the opportunity to learn and study in modern buildings. And what's more the university has a simulation centre at the Faculty of Medicine where you will be placed in realistic simulations of real-life situations.

This innovative way of learning is exciting but as a future doctor, you will expect to solve problems and real tasks at hospitals or clinics. European University works with around 60 clinics all around Georgia to provide you with the best clerkships available.

2. Medical University of Silesia, Medical University of Lodz, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, (Poland)

Poland is one of the best places to study medicine abroad in terms of high-quality education, affordable living costs and tuition fees. All three universities introduced English language programmes in the late 1990s or early 2000s and have over 20 years of experience teaching medicine to international students.

The tuition fees for accelerated MD programmes in Poland range from €10,300 to €15,000.

How to fast track medical degree?

To apply for a medicine accelerated course in Europe, you need to:

  1. present a copy of your previous university transcript

  2. have a valid passport

  3. have a good level of English

Through the years, we have helped many medical students find the most suitable accelerated programme in medicine or dentistry and pursue their dreams of becoming qualified doctors.

Medlink Students assist graduates in defining the best medical education option based on their personal preferences regarding medical schools, living costs, and tuition fees.

If you choose to be a part of our growing family, we guarantee you 100% acceptance into an accelerated medical course in English.

Ehsaan’s story

Ehsaan could not gain entry into a medicine course after high school, so he pursued a course in Science as a last resort. After completing his Bachelors (BSc), he decided that he was only studying Biomedical Science as a stepping stone into medicine.

The student did not enjoy the course, but he passed with 60%. Ehsaan had dreamed of becoming a doctor his whole life, and he did not see himself settling into a limited career as a laboratory worker.

He continued to work in a laboratory, but without telling anybody that he was applying for graduate entry medicine courses in the UK. Ehsaan wrote a killer personal statement, prepared for months for the universities' tough entrance exams, demonstrated his thorough knowledge in the interviews, yet he still wasn't good enough to be offered a place.

For 2 years in a row, he did the same, even paying interview coaches to improve his interview skills but to no avail. He had already heard that people have been going to pursue medicine in Europe but did not dare to go through with it. After all, it is indeed tough to move abroad all alone.

Ehsaan was fed up with a job that he did not enjoy, so he began thinking about graduate entry options in Europe. He learned about his options via the Medlink Students' advisers. He considered the advanced programme in Poland, Ukraine and Georgia.

He weighed his options by considering finances and narrowed his options down until he made a decision. Then he jetted off to Europe and was helped with every step of the way by Medlink Students.

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